Characteristics of Muscovite?

Answer Muscovite is a mineral, commonly known as mica. It is in a class of minerals that most students study in basic geology classes. In these studies, most people will learn how to identify minerals thr... Read More »

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What is a Muscovite?

A "Muscovite" is a native or resident of Moscow, Russia. The term is a demonym, a name for a group of people from a particular area. Just as a Parisian is from Paris, and a Sydneysider is from Sydn... Read More »

How is muscovite formed?

Muscovite is a naturally occurring mineral (and one of several types of mica) found across the world. It is one of the most common minerals in igneous rock and also occurs in metamorphic and sedime... Read More »

What texture is muscovite?

Found in sediments from both metamorphic and igneous rocks, muscovite is a monoclinic mineral that usually forms in large, transparent sheets. The sheets provide electric and thermal insulation. Mu... Read More »

What is the cleavage of muscovite?

Cleavage is the technical description of minerals' tendency to break along flat surfaces in one direction. A mineral's cleavage is classified into one of the following five types, referring to how ... Read More »