Characteristics of Islamic Architecture?

Answer Islamic architectural design and construction combines various secular and religious styles that span all of Islamic history. The bulk of Islamic architectural characteristics are visible in mosque... Read More »

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How to Win Hearts the Islamic Way?

Here's a brief Islamic guide on winning hearts.

Islamic Schools in the U.S.?

Muslims enroll their children in Islamic schools to teach them the morals and ethics of the Islamic religion in an educational environment. Islamic schools work with students to strengthen and deve... Read More »

About Islamic Symbols?

The number of Muslims in the world is estimated to be 700 million to 1.2 billion, with 1.1 to 7 million residing in the U.S. With 21 percent of people following Islam, it is the world's second-larg... Read More »

What is Islamic clothing?

Islamic clothing is worn by Muslims (or people of the Islamic faith). Muslims, like followers of other world religions, must adhere to a specific dress code. For Muslims, the dress code is establis... Read More »