Characteristics of First Graders?

Answer A student's first grade year is full of excitement, rigor and hard work. First graders have successfully completed their first year of school and are ready for the challenges the new year brings. K... Read More »

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Social and Emotional Characteristics of First- to Third-Graders?

When young children first enter the school system, they undergo a variety of social and emotional changes that help them learn how to interact with peers, follow directions and be personally accoun... Read More »

Characteristics of 6-8 Graders?

Middle-school students, typically in grades 6 to 8, have many unique characteristics. Students in these grades are going through a very difficult stage of development, and their personal qualities ... Read More »

Activities for First Graders to Do to Learn About the First Thanksgiving?

Although first graders cannot be expected to sit through a detailed lesson on American history, there are several class activities that can help them learn about the first Thanksgiving. By becoming... Read More »

Activities for the First Day of School for First Graders?

For many students, the first day of school is met with trepidation, as they are surrounded by a new environment and have a new teacher and classmates. If you're a first-grade teacher, ease the nerv... Read More »