Characteristics of Citing Materials?

Answer Anytime you write something that includes information from another person's work, it's important to cite the person who wrote it and the source. For many people, this is necessary when they write a... Read More »

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How to Do Citing in the MLA Format?

The Modern Language Association, or MLA, has a citation style that is used by a variety of academic institutions. Citing your sources in a uniform manner makes it easier for readers to verify your ... Read More »

How to Use APA Format for Citing?

Students of the social sciences need to become familiar with APA, also known as the American Psychological Association's format for citing sources both within an essay and on its reference page. AP... Read More »

Instructions for Citing References?

When writing a research paper, it is essential to keep a list of all the sources where you found the information to put in the paper. There are formatting guides so all writers can follow the same ... Read More »

The Best Practices for Citing Sources?

The most serious offense in professional or academic writing is plagiarism. Identifying sources used during research for a written work is not only good form but a requirement to avert copyright in... Read More »