Characteristics That Most Women Consider in a Spouse?

Answer There are several characteristics women look for in men: he's sweet and kind or a great father and cook. Most women have some of the same standards for what makes an ideal spouse. Even if some of t... Read More »

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FOR GUYS. What are things most girls consider physical flaws that you like, dont mind, or hate?

Can a spouse drop or cancel insurance on the other spouse if that spouse has no other coverage This for the state of Florida The husband has cancer and the wife wants to drop him from her insurance?

Answer Why would the wife want to do that? Check the Family Law Code in your State - she's probably responsible for any debts that her husband incurs.Check with the Insurance Company - they will p... Read More »

Why is it that sometimes the most beautiful women seem ugly?

perfection can become very boring sometimes. they could be very beautiful, but they must suck at something, not necessarily stupid, you rarely see someone so good looking and deep at the same time.... Read More »

What kind of perfume do guys like most that women wear?

I wear Perry Ellis the original one and i get tons of compliments on it, my husband will literally lose himseld in it. sometimes when we're in public he'll bury his face in my neck, inhale deeply a... Read More »