Chapter Sub S Corporation Information?

Answer An S corporation is a special type of corporation that is created as a result of the Internal Revenue Code. S corporations have characteristics of a regular corporation and provide owners of the co... Read More »

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What is a chapter S corporation?

S corporations operate uniquely because they pass on corporate income, losses and deductions to their shareholders based on the percentage of stock owned, eliminating double taxation on any income ... Read More »

How to Form a Sub-Chapter S Corporation in Pennsylvania?

To form a sub-chapter S corporation in Pennsylvania, articles of incorporation as well as a docketing statement must be filed with the state's corporation bureau. A sub-chapter S corporation in Pen... Read More »

Public Corporation Information?

A public corporation is a type of business entity used by companies in the US, Europe and India. Corporations exist as stand-alone entities, they are liable, taxable and have the legal rights that ... Read More »

Corporation of Florida Information?

If you are in Florida and thinking of starting a business, or if you are running a small business as a sole proprietor and want to formalize it, you will need to create a corporation. There are dif... Read More »