Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws in Louisiana?

Answer A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing allows consumers to discharge any debt obligations and receive a fresh financial start. Each state has specific income guidelines and exemptions that are required for ... Read More »

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What is chapter 7 in the bankruptcy laws?

Bankruptcy is a last-resort option for individuals and businesses that have too much debt to control. One type, chapter 7, involves near-complete liquidation of the petitioner's assets in order to ... Read More »

Kentucky Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws?

If a Kentucky debtor has had trouble making his bill payments for months or even years, he may consider filing for bankruptcy. The quickest way to receive a discharge of his debts would be to file ... Read More »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws Simplified?

If a person finds himself in an overwhelming financial situation, sometimes the only option is to file for bankruptcy--often--Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is also called straight bankruptcy, or... Read More »

Arizona Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws?

Arizona debtors may file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to obtain protection from creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is most commonly filed by those who face foreclosure or car repossession. Chap... Read More »