Channel 4 hd?

Answer No idea. However, I would have thought that C4 won't spend serious effort on C4 HD until it goes FTA on DSat, launches on Cable or launches on Freeview (Autumn 2009), which ever comes first.Having... Read More »

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Why does it say on youtube when i try to update my channel: Please check the channel description?

YouTube does not permit any HTML, VB or IMG codes in descriptions,messages, emails, or comments. As such, there are several symbolsand characters from among # % ^ * = { } [ ] | / \ < > that can't b... Read More »

Who plays the instrumental on dish network channel 103 in san diego the free preview channel?

Both new and repeat episodes can be found on your local Dish TV channels which are on a different channel number depending on where you live. Local channels are usually on lower number channels (2-... Read More »

When would the short channel be more appropriate than the long channel?

As far as I can tell, there is none. The only mention of any such regulation exists in the Air Force, and is covered under Air Force Instruction 44-102 (see related link).

Does dish network have a fitness channel if so what channel is it?