Changing the place name in wikimapia?

Answer I haven't used Wikimapia before, but I successfully changed the name of a local place by selecting the object in question (hovering the cursor over it so that it was highlighted) and using the "Edi... Read More »

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How can i delete place mentioned in wikimapia.?

Well, guathin ora, before you can "delete place" you have to delete all the child objects. It's obvious. Surely everybody, and his second cousin, knows that. And you're wrong about "yahoo answer". ... Read More »

How to Keep Desktop Folders in Place When Changing Monitors?

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Reached name changing limit on Google+, but need to change my name again?

go to scroll to the very bottom. at the Very most bottomest bottom, there should be information on downgrading your account from Google+. And about your name... Read More »

Is changing a name bad for branding?

On One Hand: It Can Be DamagingThe name of your company or business is part of your brand. If you change your name, your are changing your brand, which can be harmful. If clients easily recognize y... Read More »