Changing the Fuel Pump Filter on a Nissan Pickup?

Answer The fuel pump in your Nissan pickup pushes the fuel through the lines from the gas tank to the fuel intake of the engine. If you've ever removed a gas tank from an older vehicle, you know that at t... Read More »

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Changing Water Pump Hose on Dodge Pickup?

The Dodge pickup water pump hose runs from the outlet port on the side of the pump to the bottom flange on the radiator. The water pump on the pickup is behind the radiator, with the cooling fan at... Read More »

DIY: Changing the Fuel Pump to an A4 Audi?

The Audi A4 has gone through five generations since it began production in 1994. Models include the B5, B6, B7, B8, and DTM. These vehicles come with a variety of different fuel-injected engines. I... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Changing a Fuel Filter?

A clean fuel filter is essential to an optimally performing engine, and should be changed as a part of regular car maintenance. The fuel filter is located on your car's fuel line, which pumps gas f... Read More »

Instructions for Changing a Fuel Filter?

Changing the fuel filter on your vehicle does many things to improve engine operation. Fuel filters have elements designed to trap harmful particles from entering the combustion chamber. Rust, and ... Read More »