Changing primary HD - just drag and drop?

Answer You'll have to reinstall Windows.Part of the installation procedure involves formatting the drive's boot sector, which cannot be copied or manually modified.

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How to Drag and Drop in Flash?

Today you will learn how to drag and drop objects in flash.You will need Flash, and of course an object to move to do this.

Flash Tutorial for Drag & Drop?

Adobe Flash enables you to produce interactive presentations like slide shows and games. Flash Actionscript language provides methods for drag and drop functionality. This provides a good basis for... Read More »

How do I burn a DVD-RW with drag& drop on Nero?

Burning a DVD-RW with Drag and DropFirst, author the DVD with a program like DVDit for best results. Open Nero and begin a new project. The second window from the right shows various file folders. ... Read More »

How do you drag and drop to an iPod Touch?

Answer if you mean songs go onto www.ipod.combecause on there they can help you add new songs from your old ipodif this is a new ipod and didnt have an old, send me another question or watever and ... Read More »