Changing Video Color Depth in X?

Answer Changing the color depth in Linux varies with every Graphical User Interface (GUI), so having to learn the specifics of each particular one can be slightly inconvenient. You may run into problems w... Read More »

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How to save a edited video to movie in magix video pro x5 without changing the quality?

You do not say what Kind of Computer your Running this Program, But editing Video needs a 500MB or bigger Graphics card and a Sound card, both which can work with Direct X® 9 or better. And those ... Read More »

Does changing a MTS video file reduce the quality of the video?

The MTS files captured by your camcorder is basically a compressed video (and audio) file.When you transcode (using your word, "change" - most folks would say "convert") the mts file to something u... Read More »

At 16 can your eye color still be changing?

ya some people's eyes change by the season or time of day, but some people are completely random. my boys eye's have been hazel for months, but every once in a while they will be bright green for a... Read More »

Eye color changing...(c details)?

Melanin is involved in eye color. This is a pigment responsible for the color of our skin and eyes. When babies are born, their eyes are either really light (bluish) or really dark (black). Some... Read More »