Changing Pc keyboards?

Answer I haven't changed my keyboard on any off my computers since i got them...I try to keep it clean, by just using common sense really... i mean, it's not very smart to use it with greasy hands, or to ... Read More »

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How to Connect Two Keyboards to One Mac Mini?

The Mac mini, despite its size, possesses many of the technologies found in larger and more sophisticated computers. To connect two keyboards to one Mac mini, utilize the Bluetooth function built i... Read More »

Who invented QWERTY keyboards?

The QWERTY keyboard was invented by Charles Sholes, the inventor of the typewriter, in 1868. It is named for the first five letters on the top left of the keyboard, "Q," "W," "E," "R," "T" and "Y."... Read More »

Do PC keyboards need drivers?

PC keyboards generally do not need drivers. Modern operating systems have the technology to install and configure these devices. Installing drivers may be necessary on older operating systems such ... Read More »

A question about keyboards?

The QWERTY keyboard layout was designed so that successive keystrokes would alternate sides of the keyboard so as to avoid jams in manual typewriters. First designs of manual typewriters using keyb... Read More »