Changes in Diet for a Pregnant Dog?

Answer A canine pregnancy lasts approximately 62 days, according to the "Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians." This is a delicate time where the nutritional needs of your pregnant dog are particu... Read More »

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Can Diabetes be reversed by lifestyle/diet changes?

its a metabolic disorder. but only stress diabetes goes by itself after some time. but diabetes can not be reversed by life style and diet changes but certainly we can keep it under control and mig... Read More »

How to Manage Physical Changes in Pregnancy Through Diet?

pregnancyPregnancy is full of changes; each change has a marked reason and contribution towards baby’s development. Every physical and emotional change has little bit of discomfort to accompany. ... Read More »

How to Lose Weight With This Small Changes Big Results Diet?

Diets can be glad! Crunch and Chomp: Enjoy your choice of tasty foods, three or four times a day: Not too much! Not too little! Eat with your head!Diets vary between method and madness, but it seem... Read More »

What kind of changes should you see in your body if you are 6 weeks' pregnant?

Answer you may start to become hormonel such as getting irritated or upset over tiny little things. your breasts will become enlarged and you may start gaining weight. however all pregnancys vary f... Read More »