Change printer settings back from t-shirt transfer to normal?

Answer is not easy

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What sort of printer paper do i need to transfer a picture onto a black t shirt?

You will need transfer paper specially for dark clothing, which is different from transfer paper for light clothing.It is a plasticized film which can be ironed onto fabric, many places stock it no... Read More »

How transfer house calls to your cell phone Then How do you put it back to normal?

What you are describing is Call Forwarding.To activate Call Forwarding, dial *72 from the home phone. After the tone, dial the number you are forwarding your calls to (ie your cellphone), hang up a... Read More »

How to Transfer User Settings from Windows XP to 7 in a New Machine?

Purchasers of new Microsoft Windows 7 computers often want to know how to transfer their user settings and files from their old Windows XP systems. The Windows Easy Transfer utility can complete th... Read More »

How to Change a Computer Back to Settings That Worked?

Because computer owners have a lot of freedom in deciding which programs and features are installed on their computers, there sometimes are problems that occur when a computer owner changes setting... Read More »