Change a destination folder when you scan pictures?


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How to change the destination of a scan hpC6180 to hp computer with vista?

I'm using an HP DESKJET 1050 PSC. When i select scanner I'm given the choice of 6 ways to scan. near the bottom is advanced settings. Clicking on this gives me the option of choosing the destinatio... Read More »

What does destination scan mean on UPS?

A UPS "Destination Scan" tracking event means that a package has arrived at the UPS facility that is responsible for actually delivering it. UPS keeps electronic records to show that its warehouse ... Read More »

I restored the pictures but still theres no pictures!!please help it says "this folder is empty!"?

Free software called Recuva works well.'t add any new files to that computer otherwise you might over write the files you want back.

How do I change a adobe reader folder to a zip folder?

Leave it alone, since you are clueless. Don't mess it up.