Chances of internal brain bleeding after being punched in the face?

Answer if you had internal bleeding you would be dead by now

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I was punched in the face, 1 week ago, bruse gone, face still tingles upper lip/teeth numb?

You may have trapped nerves or something like thatyou really should go and see a doctor about this because it may be repairable now but not if you leave itsorry to hear thatx

When is bleeding from the moath assosiated with internal bleeding?

Bleeding from the mouth typically isn't associated with internal bleeding. Internal bleeding normally results in bruising. However, bleeding from the mouth may be minor or can be a sign of somethin... Read More »

I punched a wall and my knuckle started bleeding but theres was another watery liquid coming out of my hand?

plasma. its an important part of your blood and if you dont cut yourself to deep thats what comes out. youll be fine.

Have you ever punched your self in the face?

no but i have banged my head against the wall so i would get concussion. i went to hospital that nigt and didnt have to go to school the next day ewhich had been my objective.