Chances of being pregnant now?

Answer It is unusual to get pregnant on your period. Because there is no egg to fertilize. However, strange things are known to happen. I would take a pregnancy test just to make sure. You get pregnant wh... Read More »

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i agree completely. i havent had a child yet and im only 19 but ur completely right ppl r rude and thats the only reason we turn out to be the bxtch we are. especially when we come onto a site that... Read More »

What are the chances of being pregnant during ovulation?

very good because ovulation is when the Egg released to the uterus

Can being anemic decrease the chances of getting pregnant?

I am anemic and i had a hard time getting pregnant until i was on an iron pill for a while.

Sex day of clear stringy discharge what are chances of being pregnant?

I have the same thing. I have been on Birthcontrol for a little over 7 months.I think you are fine and its just the left over stuff from when you were wet.