Challenges, like cinnamon challenge?

Answer I recommend the "Clean up Your Surroundings" challenge. Or the "Respect Yourself and Others" challenge.The "Read a Good Book" challenge has long-lasting effects. You might like it!

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Any other challenges like cinnamon and salt and ice?

Did you get a headache after doing the cinnamon challenge?

Cinnamon is a strong irritant (the essential oil can cause chemical burn if applied to the skin). You have coated your mucous membranes and nasal passages with it. So it should feel like the wors... Read More »

Is there someplace in text format the blueprint videos for the minute to win it challenges where the lady says things like in this challenge players must do such and such?

Is ground cinnamon&cinnamon powder the same thing?

Ground cinnamon and cinnamon powder are the same thing. Whole cinnamon sticks are ground into a fine powder for use in many culinary and medicinal products. Ground cinnamon (powder) must be stored ... Read More »