Challenges Children with Sensory Integration Face in School?

Answer Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) is a neurological disorder characterized by the brain's inability to decode messages from the senses to achieve the appropriate response from the body. The school... Read More »

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How to Cope With Sensory Integration Disorder?

Little is known about Sensory Integration Disorder (aka Sensory Integration Dysfunction). It is often found in people with other disorders, especially autism and Asperger's Syndrome, but also inclu... Read More »

How to Love a Child With Sensory Integration Issues or Oversensitivity?

Children with sensory integration issues (SI), also known as sensory integration dysfunction (SID), can be super-sensitive to everything. Each of their five senses, and their emotions, are turned u... Read More »

Any vitamins, herbal remedies, or supplements help with Autism and 'sensory Integration'?

OMG skepdoc will never grow up! He probably thinks the world is flat!YES YES YES!!!!First get those heavy metals out of your system with Bentonite Clay! I gave my daughter home made capsules stuffe... Read More »

Recycling Sensory Activities for School Age Children?

By teaching recycling from an early age, you can encourage young students to develop good recycling habits and environmental awareness to last throughout their lives. Involving all of your students... Read More »