Challenge Games for Reading in the First Grade?

Answer Reading skills are important in a child's development but can be viewed as difficult at first. Placing letters together to formulate words and understanding their context in a story can be difficul... Read More »

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Reading Games for Grade 6?

Having fun is an essential ingredient in the learning and development of children, especially when it comes to reading lessons. According to the July 2004 issue of "Plain Talk," Dr. Craig Ramey and... Read More »

Reading & Math Games for 6th Grade?

Reading and math games turn mundane practice sessions into fun activities. There are many types of reading and math games, in many different formats, including those you can play online. Most readi... Read More »

Reading Comprehension Games for First Grade?

Most first-graders are just beginning to read properly. Getting them to pronounce words properly is enough of a challenge; reading comprehension is another challenge. Comprehension is a vital, life... Read More »

Free Reading Games for 4th & 5th Grade Students?

Reading games can keep students involved and engaged. Having rewards for answers or winners will help the students want to play more games. Some rewards can be stickers, candy or pencils with cha... Read More »