Chalkboard Inventions?

Answer Chalkboards have been in use for centuries, and along with them some useful inventions have come to be that work with them. A look at the eraser, the advent of dust-free chalk and even a further in... Read More »

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What do you use to clean a chalkboard?

Erase the chalkboard with the erasers, then wipe the board with clean, dry towels. Wipe from bottom to top with wet towels soaked in a gallon of warm water containing a tablespoon of liquid soap. D... Read More »

Can chalkboard paint be used outside?

Most chalkboard paints are designed exclusively for use on indoor surfaces, but the Australian company Porter's Original Paints makes a chalkboard paint which can be used either indoors or outdoor... Read More »

What is chalkboard resurfacing?

Chalkboard resurfacing is the process of transforming an old chalkboard into a "like new" model. This is accomplished with paint-like material or chalkboard skin that covers the old board. It is al... Read More »

Who is the inventor of the chalkboard?

James Pillans, who was the headmaster of the Old High School in Edinburgh, Scotland, is credited as the inventor of the blackboard and colored chalk. He used his inventions to teach his geography c... Read More »