Chaldea's Inventions?

Answer The Chaldeans were part of an ancient civilization that included at various times the Babylonians, the Mesopotamians (of which Babylon was the center) and some later Sumerians. Eventually the name ... Read More »

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Inventions of the 1300s?

The strength of the human imagination combined with advances in scientific knowledge has enabled humans to create numerous technological inventions throughout history. During the 1300s, a transit... Read More »

How do I sell new inventions?

In order to sell an invention, an inventor must first get the idea for the invention properly patented. Then, ideally, a prototype of the invention can be made and some of those prototypes can be s... Read More »

Chalkboard Inventions?

Chalkboards have been in use for centuries, and along with them some useful inventions have come to be that work with them. A look at the eraser, the advent of dust-free chalk and even a further in... Read More »

Tom Swift Inventions?

Tom Swift is a fictional young adventurer with a soaring imagination who appeared in many books. That imagination produced wondrous inventions in the stories in which he appeared. Things like his s... Read More »