Chairs at restaurants... do they care?

Answer I think they should pay more attention to those things, It might be one of the reasons why overweight people stay home a lot more, they don't want to embarrass themselves in from of other people wh... Read More »

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If they have Hooters restaurants, why don't they have Butts restaurants?

Haha!... Well... if there was a restaraunt or BBQ place that sold 'boston butts'... They could name a restaraunt like "Butts Restaraunt." There's a restaraunt in Panama City Beach, FL named "Dirty... Read More »

How do I care for plastic patio chairs?

CleanDust the chairs with a soft cloth to get rid of surface dirt. Wash with 1 tablespoon of mild detergent mixed with 2 gallons of water, using a cloth or sponge. Or, you can use specially formula... Read More »

How do I care for polyurethane lawn chairs?

Wash polyurethane furniture with a warm soap-and-water solution to remove any dirt or residue. To remove mold or mildew, mix a solution of one part bleach or oxygenated bleach powder and three part... Read More »

Care of Banana Bark Chairs?

Lending a natural and earthy feel to your home, banana bark chairs work well both indoors and out for a creative outdoor seating area. Though inherently simple to take care of, they're also easy to... Read More »