Chainsaw Gas-to-Oil Ratios?

Answer A chainsaw operates without an oil pump, so the crankcase and piston receive their lubrication straight from the fuel. The crankcase and piston require constant lubrication to keep the engine from ... Read More »

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How to Add Ratios?

A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. They take the form of two numbers side by side, separated by a semi-colon. The left number is how much you have of one quantity, and the right is how much yo... Read More »

How to Factor Ratios?

Ratios are comparisons of two groups, group x and group y. The comparison is written in a mathematical form as x:y or x/y. Factoring is the process of dividing a ratio and breaking it down to its s... Read More »

How to Determine Ratios?

A ratio is an expression that compares quantities relative to each other. The most common examples involve two quantities, but any number of quantities can be compared. Ratios

How to Tell if Two Ratios Are in Proportion?

This is a useful mathematical trick in cooking or chemistry to tell if two ratios are in proportion.