Chain Cutting Tools?

Answer A chain is cut to bring it to a required length by the removal of excess material. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, including burning (processes that cut through metal by oxidizing) and o... Read More »

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In cutting some branches off tree with my chainsaw the the chain pop ed off the chain bar.?

If you are talking about the chain being tangled, just keep trying it will come out. Now if the chain is bent, replace it, don't waste your time trying to straighten the bent links.

Looking for a chain so thick that bolt cutters will have a difficult time cutting through. And a lock too?

chain encased in rubber or plastic is not the only method, go to a reputable lock shop and ask the smith for an aircraft grade cable and lock mechanism, he will know what you want and its lighter a... Read More »

Tire Cutting Tools?

Tire cutting is used in several different venues. Manufacturers use tire cutting tools to perfect their tires before they are sold to the public. Racing enthusiasts use tire cutting tools to change... Read More »

Tools for Cutting Brush?

An open area can quickly become overwhelmed with dense brush if left unattended, and clearing this can take a great deal of effort. A variety of plants can invade an area, with grass, weeds, vines ... Read More »