Chaff of the summer threshing floor?

Answer Straw.

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Why is the second floor of my house so hot in the summer?

Yeah, heat rises, but the sun is also shining directly onto the roof of the house, which happens to cover the second floor.

In the summer, should I close the central A/C vents on the first floor of my home?

The best thing you can do is close off the door, output and return vents to any rooms you don't want cooled. Other than that, if the room is going to get cooled, it's going to cost the same no matt... Read More »

What is chaff?

Chaff is what is left of wheat fruit after the removal of the kernals. Chaff can be used, in small quantities, mixed in with horse feed to keep the horse from eating to quickly.

How to Sort Grain From the Chaff?

Threshing machines and now combines have taken the place of removing chaff by hand in the US. Chaff is the inedible stalks, leaves and seed casings found on grain plants such as wheat, corn and soy... Read More »