Cha cha wont work for my phone is there any thing else i can use?

Answer i'm pretty sure there's a way to text google... hold on i'll look it up. yes you can just send it to "google" (466453) and you can text kgb 542 542. but i wouldn't do that if i were you... CUZ ITS ... Read More »

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What to do when your phone wont work?

Call a repair man oh wait....What do you mean it won't work? If it doesn't make calls and texts get it looked at, maybe the antenna is busted.

I just cried on my phone and got it wet and now it wont work, what do I do?

First i want to say... are you ok? I mean you cried, i hope ur better! lol anyway... use a hair dryer, ON COOL NOT HEAT! hah but yea dry it but take out the bettery first! And put it IN the stove? ... Read More »

Why wont your head phone work?

Maybe the wires of your head phone are damaged...

Why wont my phone work on my laptop?

Hi There Natalie , Anyway to your fix ? When your phone is plugged into your laptop , look down at the right hand corner and see if it shows as a new connection, if not then go to your programs fil... Read More »