Cha cha wont work for my phone is there any thing else i can use?

Answer i'm pretty sure there's a way to text google... hold on i'll look it up. yes you can just send it to "google" (466453) and you can text kgb 542 542. but i wouldn't do that if i were you... CUZ ITS ... Read More »

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Why wont my phone work on my laptop?

Hi There Natalie , Anyway to your fix ? When your phone is plugged into your laptop , look down at the right hand corner and see if it shows as a new connection, if not then go to your programs fil... Read More »

Dropped my phone in the toilet, now it wont work?

You've probably fried it now by trying to charge it.What you should have done was take the battery and sim out, then placed it on a towel above a radiator for a few days.If you want a flippant answ... Read More »

Why wont your head phone work?

Maybe the wires of your head phone are damaged...

What to do when your phone wont work?

Call a repair man oh wait....What do you mean it won't work? If it doesn't make calls and texts get it looked at, maybe the antenna is busted.