Cervical epidurals .....?

Answer *I have fibromyalgia and DJD/DDD. For almost 10 years I have done these epidurals with great results. My first set lasted a few years with no pain whatsoever. I believe the results are different fo... Read More »

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Do epidurals cause back pain?

On One Hand: Known Side EffectAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, backache is one of the most common side effects associated with epidural anesthesia. Certified childbirth educator Vic... Read More »

Epidurals for the lower back?

I have had this done for back pain and it was a little uncomfortable but nothing to fear. It is called an ESI an it injects steroids and an anesthetic into the spine to relieve pain. If it works it... Read More »

Does Medicaid cover pregnancy epidurals?

Yes, Medicaid covers epidurals to relieve pain during child birth. Federal law says that hospitals may not charge Medicaid patients for services related to prenatal care, delivery or other medical ... Read More »

What are the dangers of epidurals for hernia surgery?

A hernia surgery is a procedure done to repair a hernia, which is when a weakened area of a muscle allows tissue to break through. This most often happens in the abdominal wall. An epidural is a ty... Read More »