Cereus Plants?

Answer The cereus plant constitutes a unique North American desert species; a handful of varieties exist. These plants grow in a very limited region of the United States and exhibit unique growth habits. ... Read More »

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Are cereus house plants?

Cereus plants are commonly grown as houseplants. These plants are members of the cactus family and grow gangly vines without spines. This is a tropical plant and requires warmer weather than what i... Read More »

How to Plant Cereus?

There are 34 species of Cereus, a type of columnar cacti, with night-blooming cereus, botanical name Peniocereus greggii or Cereus greggii, the most widely known. Night-blooming cereus blooms in t... Read More »

How to Take Care of Cereus?

Cereus (Hylocerus undatus), also called night blooming cereus, is a common-looking plant until the flower opens, which only happens at night and is viable for one night only. The flower opens so qu... Read More »

How to Grow Night Blooming Cereus?

Both experienced and new gardeners may have success growing the night-blooming Cereus plant. This tropical cactus is said to be very easy to grow and the results are well worth the small amount of ... Read More »