Cereal Survey anyone?

Answer 1. Cheerios2. Frosted flakes 3. Wheaties4. Lucky Charms5. Chex6. Coco Pebbles7. Rasin BranGood night scooter.

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Anyone up for a short Cereal survey?

1) Cheerios2) Total3)Cocoa Pebbles4) Lucky Charms5) Frosted Flakes6) Honey Nut CheeriosGoodnight to you too.

Anyone up for a movie survey?

HALLOWEENTo get my children in the mood for Halloween, I turn to fun horror movies: the old Hollywood classics.My list includes:1. Bride of Frankenstein2. Frankenstein3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Fr... Read More »

Anyone up for a BreadBagel Survey?

Oh, delicious carbs :)1) White bread2) Wheat bread3) Bread bowl4) Everything Bagel5) Onion Bagel

Anyone up for a Breakfast survey?

1) bacon & eggs2) cheerios3) chocolate croissant4) wheaties5) both 6) both7) shredded wheat8) both 9) buttered english muffin10) fruit salad that was yummy, goodnight Scooter~