Centrifugal Clutch Advantages?

Answer Generally used in smaller engines for machines like lawnmowers and go-karts, centrifugal clutches use centrifugal force to engage the gears. They connect the drive shaft to the axle, which allows i... Read More »

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What is a centrifugal clutch?

Used in many small-engine applications, the centrifugal clutch is pervasive enough that it would probably not be difficult to find one within 100 feet of where you're sitting now. These versatile d... Read More »

How to Install a Centrifugal Clutch?

The centrifugal clutch, a very simple mechanism, uses an outside shell housing to encase shoes that expand when the engine reaches a certain RPM. Interior springs allow the clutch shoes to contract... Read More »

How much does a centrifugal clutch cost?

Depending on the kind of centrifugal clutch you need and what you need the clutch for, the actual price can vary from less then $20 to well over $200 (as of 2009).Source:Centrifugal Clutches

How to Adjust a Centrifugal Clutch?

Centrifugal clutches are mostly found on small mopeds, power tools, dirt bikes and go-karts. If the clutch is slipping when you kick or pull start the engine, or the clutch is noisy or feels like i... Read More »