Censor to block or pixilate certain parts of home videos.?

Answer Ohhh Yeahhh. Right On, Mama. Oh, the question...You can do it easily a few diff ways if you have good software like After Effects. If you can Mask off an area with your current software, you can... Read More »

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How do I make a video from parts of other youtube videos?

Download the clips from youtube, edit them together with any video editing software, i use camtasia but have tried sony vegas. iMovie or Windows movie maker may suite you better though

When doing minor remodeling to a home is it better to complete the kitchen before replacing wood floors and carpet in other parts of the home or does the order of events not mater?

The order of events does matter. You would want to complete the kitchen and any other big tasks before replacing wood floors & carpet. That way you won't ruin the floors by heavy traffic or doing s... Read More »

Can you block people in your area from seeing your youtube videos?

I don't think so.. But I am just gonna tell you. What are the chances of people you know finding you? out of all the millions of videos? And plus, depending on what age group you are (I am a teenag... Read More »

What is America's funniest home videos home address?

If you are asking about the website address :