Cellphone Prank Jokes?

Answer Prank calling someone at home has gone the way of the dodo bird, primarily because so many people use only a cell phone. That doesn't mean you need to give up pranks completely, you just need to sw... Read More »

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I need some prank calling jokes!?

The one that I've loved the most is when I called my friend's house and spoke to his brother saying that I was calling from a company that sold PORN vidz and that the shipment was delayed. The funn... Read More »

My daughter is ten years old and she want a cellphone.i give her the cellphone or not?

seriously what does a 10yr old need a cell phone for? Other than a status symbol?

Hear others cellphone conversation in your cellphone?

Answer yes you can by calling them at same time, if you have the elite06 celphone that is new it is 1000.00

These 2 kids keep prank calling my house, what can I say to prank them back?

Here is what I do when I get prank called. I use a cell phone directory service to look up the number, and find info about the caller.Some of these services are great. They give TONS of info about ... Read More »