Cell Phones With Internal vs. External Antennas?

Answer Cell phone models with an external antenna receive reception through a mounted or extended antenna device. The antenna is usually located on the top of phone. Extended antennas fold down while othe... Read More »

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Should cell phones be banned from schools when cell phones help in emergencies?

On One Hand: Cause More Problems Than SolveCell phones can help students in emergencies but may cause more problems than they solve. Problems reported by Public School Review include the use of mob... Read More »

What is a internal or external ?

With the advent of externalexternalexternal hard drive enclosures and the ease of plug and play USB and Firewire connections, many people are asking themselves if they should buy an internalinterna... Read More »

Internal & External Parasites?

Parasites are organisms that depend on the energy of a host to survive. Some parasites feed off of the substance of the host itself, draining blood and nutrients away for its own purposes. Other pa... Read More »

What Are Internal & External Modems?

Computers connect to the Internet through a device called a modem, which stands for "Modulator/Demodulator." A modem converts long-range signals into computer networking packets (and vice versa). ... Read More »