Celeron M560 Specifications?

Answer Intel's Celeron M560 is a central processing unit (CPU) for computers. A CPU is an integrated circuit that does the calculations required for applications to work. It processes data and allows file... Read More »

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What is a Celeron M?

The Celeron M is a laptop Central Processing Unit (CPU) made by Intel. The "M" is short for "Mobile." The Celeron M is a low-cost CPU intended for budget laptops. It is also used for embedded compu... Read More »

What is Celeron?

The Intel Celeron is a brand family of low-cost central processing units (CPUs), one of the vital components of an operating computer. As with all CPUs, the Celeron is the "brain" of a computer, an... Read More »

Is the 433 Celeron processor a P2 or P3?

The 433 MHz Intel Celeron processor is a reduced-speed version of the Pentium II processor. The Celeron 433 featured less cache memory than its Pentium II counterpart and ran on a slower motherboar... Read More »

Celeron ULV 743 Performance?

The Celeron ULV 743, released in 2009 by semiconductor company Intel Corp., is a single-core mobile processor and one of the entries in the company's ULV 700 series of central processing units. In ... Read More »