Celebrity Hijack: one more question about JON before I go....?

Answer OMG that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny, I was totally cringing for him though, everybody was brushing him of, they thought he was a total nutter as soon as they came in the house, I think it was th... Read More »

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Celebrity Hijack: Would you go to see the brother & sister's act....?

If they were at a circus near me then Yeah, don't think I could be @rsed travelling to see them though!

Celebrity Hijack: Does anyone else agree that it will probably be the CELEBRITIES that keep us watching.?

I totally agree and i think if the celebs dont do a good job then the ratings of this show are gonna drop but if they are as good as matt was then there shouldnt be a problem.

Celebrity Hijack: ok .. maybe one more... Is Matt Lucas a SWINE...?

hopefully they'll all get better as they go along but i think Joan Rivers will surpass them all!!

Question about these celebrity meet and greet things?

Maybe on twitter?Or an official fan club site that you have to pay money to join.