Celebrity Beauty Tips & Secrets?

Answer Celebrities always seem to look great, whether walking the red carpet, starring in a film or through the lens of papparazzi. While having a team of makeup artists, stylists, personal trainers and o... Read More »

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Your best beauty tips/secrets please!?

try not to sound so desperate,this might help you look better

Beauty Secrets Tricks & Tips?

Open up any fashion magazine or turn on the television and you are guaranteed to see an endless variety of advertisements promoting beauty products and promising amazing results. Fortunately, you d... Read More »

What are your beauty/style tips or secrets?

I keep my eye cream in the fridge to help make the puffies go down. On days when they're extra puffy, I dip a metal spoon in ice water until it gets really cold and hold the bowl of the spoon under... Read More »

Random Beauty tips and secrets?

• When using blush, lightly put translucent powder over it. This will make it look more natural.• Putting white eye shadow (sparkly) under your eyebrows and in the inner corners of your eye wil... Read More »