Celadon City Store Tips in "Pokemon Yellow"?

Answer Celadon City is a large city in Pokemon Yellow and it is the first city to house a Pokemon department store. The store in Celadon City is much larger than the average Pokemart and it sells a wider ... Read More »

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How to Get to Celadon City in Pokemon Fire Red?

Celadon City - Home of the Grass type Pokemon trainer, Erika. You need to battle her, for a badge. Only one problem - You don't know how to get there! Well, have no fear, this article will show you... Read More »

How to Get Charmander in Pokemon Yellow?

This is how you can get Charmander in Pokemon Yellow, the Gameboy game from 1999.

How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Yellow?

The following is a walkthrough of the glitch in Pokemon Yellow version that allows you to catch Mew, without using Action Replay, Gameshark or other third party device. If done properly, following ... Read More »

How to Get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Red and Blue, the player has the opportunity to choose Bulbasaur as their starter Pokemon. In Pokemon Yellow however, Pikachu is your only option. But don't worry,you'll have the chance ... Read More »