Ceiling fan wiring My ceiling has 2 white 2 black and 1 red...?

Answer You likely have what we refer to as a 'switch loop'.At the fan box (please, please, and please make sure that it is approved for fan support)...It sounds like there are two cables (one has a black,... Read More »

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Is it a sign of bees in your ceiling if sticky stuff is running down all four walls and you can see very tiny black spots on the ceiling?

Bees in Your Ceiling You should call a bug exterimator to come into your house and check. If you do have bees they can get rid of them.Another option:Flies crap on the ceiling and leave those littl... Read More »

How to Fix Ceiling Fan Wiring?

One day when you go to turn on your ceiling fan at the wall switch, the fan may not work. The problem (if it's not the fan unit itself) is going to be one of three things: a bad fuse or circuit, a ... Read More »

Wiring Instructions for a Hunter Ceiling Fan?

Hunter has many kinds of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. The series of fans they offer include Architect, Mission, Art Noveau, and Low Profile. Despite these many different styles, the process of ... Read More »

Wiring Instructions for Installing Ceiling Fans?

The circulated air from a ceiling fan makes skin feel cool by drying perspiration quickly, making it feel as much as eight degrees cooler. This can make a ceiling fan a low-cost alternative to air ... Read More »