Cedar Vs. Hardwood Mulch?

Answer All tree-based mulches provide some degree of soil insulation, keeping the earth below the plant or tree from extreme cold and heat. These types of mulches preserve the ground's moisture by hamperi... Read More »

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Does hemlock mulch last longer than cedar mulch?

Hemlock mulch does last longer than cedar mulch. Cedar mulch prevents bugs a bit more, however, because they do not enjoy the smell. Mulch also helps prevent a large amount of weeds.References:Fran... Read More »

Pine Vs. Cedar Mulch?

Many gardeners use mulch as an effective gardening and landscaping tool. Far more than just providing ground cover that you don't need to water or weed, mulch offers many benefits to your lawn and ... Read More »

The Effects of Cedar Mulch on Perennials?

Cedar mulch is organic mulch made from shredded or chipped cedar. Perennials are plants that live two or more years and include hardy flowers, trees and shrubs. Many perennials benefit from wood mu... Read More »

Cedar Mulch in a Vegetable Garden?

Cedar mulch is functional mulch in any garden, and there are many reasons for using cedar mulch in a vegetable garden. The benefits of cedar mulch will aid in plant health and development and soil ... Read More »