Ccleaner (have I done something wrong)?

Answer Programs like Ccleaner typically empty out "unneccesary" systems files, such as the restore points used in system restore. So yes, you probably deleted them.Alternate Answer: Your trying to go all ... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Friend They Have Done Something Wrong to You?

Do you feel that your friends have wronged you, but you don't know how to confront them?

What can you do to help a child with Down syndrome understand that he or she has done something wrong?

Wow, well, having young children of my own, though teaching them what they do wrong is important, it's also negative reinforcement which for a child with a disability, as well as "normal" children,... Read More »

I've done something wrong and ended up with the 'Start' taskbar running vertically up the right hand side of?

Just click and drag to the bottom of the screen. Also make sure the taskbar isnt locked to check right-click the taskbar and then make sure there isnt a check next to Lock the Taskabar.

Is something wrong if you had an ultrasound done and found out you're having twins and that you are at 9 weeks but they did not hear a heartbeat so they're doing another scan next week?

Answer Maybe. They must have cause to worry or they wouldn't scan again so soon. However, don't be too worried or you could cause your body and babies stress. Try deep meditation in the mornings, k... Read More »