Causes of child abuse?

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What causes child abuse?

One of the worst aspects of being abused is being blamed for the abuse. Blaming the victim is a classic component of abuse whether the abuse is spousal abuse, partner abuse or child abuse. Children... Read More »

What are some causes of child abuse?

Some causes are depression, the child being scarred for life and the child being very insecure and self-conscious.

What are causes and effects of child abuse?

The causes of child abuse are many: The parents has grown up in an abusive environment themselves and can pass it onto their own children. Alcohol and drug abuse. Some Single mothers tryiing to str... Read More »

What causes more crime Child abuse or poverty?

Poverty causes more crime because people in poverty cannot get the things they need like food, medicine, and clothing and sometimes they get so desperate they will steal to get things they need.