Causes of changing parent-child relationship?

Answer Not many people would want to marry into a pre-existing relationship between you and your adopted child. I am not used to the concept of an unmarried person having "stabilized their family conditi... Read More »

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Can a parent relinqish parental rights to an adopted child in Texas when the parent child relationship has been destroyed?

How is termination of the parent-child relationship in the best interest of the child?

I did not become a mother biologically or adopt two siblings from foster care so that I could have the parent-child relationship. My goals with the children I parent includes the efforts I make and... Read More »

Does open adoption "water down" the adoptive parent's relationship with the child?

Absolutely not. I think that an open adoption (where appropriate - obviously if the first parent/s have done something really heinous to the child or otherwise, it's not appropriate to continue the... Read More »

When each parent has custody of one child but they both have joint legal custody is the other parent able to enroll the child in school if they end up coming to live with that parent?

joint custody is just given to make the other person who doesnt have all legal rights feel better, they don't have any real rights of the child, but theyt do get visitation rights. and if you went ... Read More »