Causes of a Screeching Fan Belt?

Answer The fan belt is an essential component to your car's engine. Also known as an alternator belt, it's the belt that powers the alternator, power steering and water pump, among other things. If the be... Read More »

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My Drive Belt Is Making Screeching Noises?

The alternator drive belt, also known as the fan belt, is an important part of your car's engine. The alternator drive belt charges the alternator when the car is running, as well as powering the w... Read More »

Causes of Fan Belt Noise?

The fan belt in your car is most commonly going to be a serpentine belt that provides power to your cooling fan, air conditioner, power steering, alternator and water pump. Occasionally, some vehic... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Serpentine Belt Squeal & Slippage?

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What Causes a Car's Power Steering Belt to Glaze?

The power steering pump pulley may present the heaviest work loads of all engine accessories at times. Tremendous turning force is required on the pulley for the pump to develop the high pressures ... Read More »