Causes of a Bronchial Collapse?

Answer The lungs are made up of an elastic tissue that tends to recoil during normal breathing. At the same time, the chest expands and causes negative pressure on the space around the lungs. When certain... Read More »

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Causes & Effects of the Collapse of the Roman Empire?

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What Causes Radiator Hoses in Cars to Collapse?

Car radiator hoses are the two flexible tubes that circulate coolant from the engine to the radiator, where it is cooled, then back to the engine. There are two types of radiator hoses: molded and ... Read More »

Can you take an antihistamine with acute bronchial asthma?

On One Hand: Treatment/CareAntihistamines are often used for treatment and control of asthma symptoms. If a patient has allergies that exacerbate his asthma symptoms, antihistamines can help effect... Read More »

Is there a cough medicine for dogs with bronchial spasms?

For an owner, it can be difficult to watch a beloved family pet suffer. Many owners seek out treatment options to improve the quality of life for their canine. However, some conditions, such as bro... Read More »