Causes of Water Backflow Vacuum Leaks?

Answer Water backflow in residential systems, especially landscape systems, is caused by vacuums that form within your plumbing and draw water back up your hoses and pipes, the opposite direction it is in... Read More »

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How to Detect Vacuum Leaks?

When a vacuum cleaner has a leak in it, it loses suction and doesn’t function properly. In general, the source of a vacuum leak can be narrowed down to several components on the vacuum. You can e... Read More »

How to Fix Rochester Quadrajet Vacuum Leaks?

Rochester Quadrajet carburetors were in wide use on many General Motors engines in the decades preceding the advent of fuel injection. Quadrajets were original equipment on most V8s, some V6s and e... Read More »

Tips on Auto Vacuum Leaks?

Engines are essentially self-sustaining air pumps, and they'll pump their chosen medium by whatever means they can. This means that air will flow through whatever hole it can, including, but obviou... Read More »

How to Tell if You Have Vacuum Leaks in a D16Z6 Turbo?

With 125 horsepower in stock form, the D16Z6 leaves something to be desired in performance when compared to some of the high-revving Honda B-series engines. But with the addition of a custom turbo... Read More »