Causes of Forehand & Facial Dry Skin?

Answer Dry skin is a common and irritating skin condition. The delicate skin of the forehead and the face is especially prone to dry skin. Skin that is dry may feel tight and itchy. It might look dull, re... Read More »

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What are the causes of facial skin discolorations?

Skin discoloration can come in the form of age spots, melasma and "pregnancy mask." The main causes of skin discoloration is usually hormonal fluctuations and sun damage.HormonesHormonal fluctuatio... Read More »

What causes change of facial skin color when jogging?

This is due to the tiny capillaries through which the blood runs through on your face rising and becoming more prominent. This is actually a very smart idea that your body does in order to try and ... Read More »

Cheap Skin Care for Sensitive Facial Skin on a Budget?

If you have sensitive skin you probably understand the dilemma of finding affordable products to care for your facial skin. Many of the quality products made especially for sensitive skin are more ... Read More »

Causes of Constant Facial Blackheads?

Car paint will oxidize if you don't wax it regularly. The oxidation happens as a result of the sun damaging the clear coat of the paint. Once the paint has deteriorated significantly, you won't be ... Read More »