Causes effects and possible solutions of the teenage pregnancy?

Answer Teenagers must be taught that having sex is a very serious thing , and it should be done only after getting married.And it should never ever be done for the fun of it and just because their friends... Read More »

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What are the effects of teenage pregnancy?

Many pregnant teens do not complete their high school education and few even attempt college. Single parents have a great deal of difficulty trying to support a child and earn a living. The burde... Read More »

The Effects of Alkaline Solutions?

Acid and base -- two terms that most children learn before they enter middle school. While the terms "base" and "alkaline" are often used interchangeably, they actually describe two very different ... Read More »

What are the solutions to teen pregnancy?

THE SOLUTION IS EASY AND STRAIT FORWARD IS ABSTAINIG UNTIL YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH, CONDOMISING AND LASTLY USING CONTRACEPTIVES.Sometimes talking to your teen children does reduce the effect or chance o... Read More »

What are the solutions for early pregnancy?

9 more months then a baby at the end of it who will look like you and love you til you die