Causes & Effects of Radiation Pollution?

Answer Radiation pollution is not addressed often, perhaps because it does not usually have an immediate reaction to link its effects with symptoms. Because of these health risks, many are weary of the sa... Read More »

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What are the effects&causes of air pollution?

According to National Geographic, air pollution is "any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere that has damaging effects on living things and the environment." Although the causes and ... Read More »

The Effects of Stormwater Pollution?

Right now oil, trash, fertilizer, dirt, pet waste and other forms of stormwater pollution from your state, your city, your neighborhood and possibly your yard is making its way into the nearest riv... Read More »

The Effects of Herbicide Pollution?

Herbicides kill unwanted plants. Some selective herbicides target certain weeds and leave desired plants unharmed. As such, farmers frequently use herbicides to promote the grown of their desired c... Read More »

The Effects of Air Pollution by Industries?

Air pollution is hazardous chemicals and toxic matter released into the Earth's atmosphere. While there are numerous causes of air pollution, industries are considered a prime source. The Environme... Read More »